T minus one and counting

I go for my personal training certification tomorrow, barring a rescheduling due to the "inclement weather" we're having here. Once I get through this workshop I'll be able to relax again and my life can slow down just a wee bit. I'm frustrated that it may take upwards of a month and a half to learn if my efforts were enough to get me certified (oh, the horror if I don't make it!) but since there's not much I can do about that I'm going to try to believe in myself and my abilities and go at this thing full throttle. I have, after all, given up a lot for this. I'm in the middle of turning my nervous energy into positive vibes for the next three days.
If you could spare any additional positive vibes or prayers or mantras (whatever works for you!) I'll welcome them with open arms.
See ya on the flip side.

Update (0312am) :
My certification workshop has been canceled for this weekend because of the weather. I'm both frustrated (I want to get this done) and relieved (I can study longer!) but am more worried about how soon this might be rescheduled--or if the event will be canceled altogether and I'll have to wait for the next workshop. In April.


LceeL said...

Sending the Calm of the Eye of the Storm your way -- OOOOOOHHHHHHHMMMMMMMM. Hope it got there.

Malathionman said...
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Malathionman said...

I will stand in the downward dog position until you post the results!

Leucantha` said...

Everything happens for a reason, right? Like you said more time to study about something you feel unprepared for.

On the upside just think of Mathionman getting stuck in downward facing dog and having to go to work that way.

Patty O said...

I feel you with all the damn snow lately. Good luck with your exam!

abritdifferent said...

Hey, it might be a huge blessing in disguise, look at all the extra time you have to prepare now. April isn't that far away...youcandoit!

Btw, I think it's so awesome you want to do that! I'm excited for you :o)