Cold feet

Most of the time when someone talks about having cold feet it's usually a metaphor. This entry is not about a metaphor. I really do have cold feet.

Ok, I can't use the word "feet" anymore. That word sorta weirds me out. "That word" and "foot fetish" kind of belong in the same word family for me. So I'll use toes.

I have cold toes. It could be 110 degrees in my house and I would still have cold toes. I'm not bothered by it so much cause they're my toes... and ok, they're cold. So what? It's not as if I walk around in heated socks because I know that I have cold toes. I've had cold toes for as long as I can remember.

But there are times. You know those times. Don't act like you don't. You hold on to those times
as preciously as the last fresh baked chocolate chip cookie. You reserve it, like a table at your favorite restaurant, for just the right moment... and then BAM! You unleash the power of the cold toes on your sleeping husband because He. Won't. Stop. SNORING!

Just a little nudge. That's all it takes.

But it's not really your fault that he jumped out of his skin, squealing like a newborn piglet.

You have cold toes, remember? Oopsie!

**insert evil laugh here**


Sidewalks said...

You and my wife should form a support group for women with cold toes. (And you're husband and I can form a group for men who are abused my cold toes.) What's the deal with that? My wife's toes are cold in the middle of summer.

So, no pictures from DC this trip...at least none that I'll be posting. (I posted a few from our last road trip and thought I'd be repeating myself.) You're girls would love Washington...kids seem to like all the monuments and some of the museums (a few museums may be a little boring for younger kids). It's hard to know when it would be a good time to go...maybe around April when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. But winter is unbearable and summer is bitterly hot and humid.

So this is your new Blog...When you first started posting dual blogs here and on MSN I sort of liked the idea and thought of doing it myself but I was too damn lazy to start another Space and re-learn how to do everything. What are the advantages of Blogger as opposed to MSN? Is it easy to do? I've become a little uninspired with my Space...perhaps changing venues would spark new interest. Maybe I'll make the leap someday but until then, it's good to know you won't be shutting down your MSN Space--I'd miss hearing from you.

Catty Ax Lady said...

Cold toes in summer?


Although I do like the idea of nipping that snoring in the bud though...maybe I could just keep a small cooler with one of those mini ice packs in it right next to the bed, for emergencies only of course.

LceeL said...

You do realize, of course, that snoring is man's way of scaring away the animals that would otherwise sneak up on the campsite and devour the children. Why, a good snorer can protect the whole tribe. You can even let the fire go out - the animals will still stay away because of that frightening sound. All hail a good snorer!!

Leucantha` said...

Since super cold toes are your super power what does you is your super hero name?

Anonymous said...

I don't like feet. And I certainly don't like anyone touching me with them. **shivers** Yikes!

I also hate socks too. I am anti-sock. That is one of the reasons why I don't like winter -- because I have to wear socks. Summer time I can be footloose and fancy free. Literally.

I rambled. Don't think I had a point in all of this. Oh well.

Take care!

Diesel said...

Get ready for some Google search hits.

moonstage/saara said...

i'v got cold toes in summer too! i sleep with a pair of socks in summer and with two pair of socks in winter..i think is typical of we women! so we can touch the skin of our man always!byeee
saara moonstage

Anonymous said...

Even when my house is toasty, my feet are still cold! I've never been one for wearing slippers (my feet feel claustrophobic), but I did find a pair of slippers about 7 years ago that I loved. They were mule-type slippers, Dearforms to be exact. Didn't have a back on them and were really comfy. I wore them out completely.

Hmmm...maybe I need a new pair...

Btw, I'm still working on the "Flush!" myself with Ian. The Scottish "fewer words said the better" mantra works for me, "Ian? Flush, now!"

Nooner said...

Oh, your poor husband! I feel so sorry for him. I hate, hate, hate being woken up suddenly from a deep sleep, so I can immediately feel what he felt just by reading your words.

We solved the snoring problem here years ago ... seperate bedrooms! HaHaHa... I love it!

One thing I don't like about this blogger space is that once you hit Comments, you can't look back at the post. I wanted to go back and read what you said about Foot Fetish. I'm amazed there is such a thing. And also amazed that there is the complete opposite, i.e. people who shudder or hate their toes or feet. Why doesn't our language have things like Wrist Fetish or Knee Cap Fetish?

The end of this month marks my two-year blogging anniversary. I've had so much fun writing my silly stuff. I think it is quite funny how many things I am known for have developed. I think I'll blog about it.

Stay warm, Elizabeth!