I don't mean to brag

...but I'm pretty bright. Or very very lucky. I prefer bright but have no problem with luck.

I had my first test in biomechanics today. Planes and axis of the body, flexion, extension, inversion, eversion and the like. Yes, as a matter of fact, I did study for this test. So what if it was the night before? I am, after all, fairly busy as a matter of course.

As my instructor graded our tests he mentioned to the student how many points they missed out of 98. One person missed 27. Another 30 and change. Me?

I missed two points.

I'm pretty sure I know what questions I missed. I answered "Um...?" to one and "Everything else" as the answer to "What bones make up the appendicular skeleton?" (the previous question asked what bones made up the axial skeleton. Naturally, answering "everything else" to the second question made perfect sense). While technically correct I don't think it was the answer he was looking for.

As I effectively shattered the grading curve I'm considering armed protection to and from my car. Can I find that in the Yellow Pages?


Beth said...

After your lovely comment, Cotton voluteers to escort you anywhere. Congratulations on the excellent grade!

Catty Ax Lady said...

I think your answer "everything else" is perfectly acceptable! That instructor is just a hardass!

Congrats on the grade!

Leucantha` said...

You can kick those haters behinds or you can start tutoring the biggest guy in the class, then they will leave you alone for sure. ; )

Good on ya!

Patrick Truax said...

*Sigh* Of course you dont mean to brag....*rolls eyes*

barnyardmama said...

Uh oh--your that girl. I never went in for science myself. I passed those classes by showing up on time, sitting in the front row and asking lots of questions. Anything less than that and I would have been in BIG trouble. Served me well because one time I accidentally went to an exam when it was over as opposed to when it started. Professor could have failed me, but since I'd been such a good student all semester (not with grades--just attendence), he let me sit in his office and take it anyway. Whew.

barnyardmama said...

Ok--I know I should have put you're instead of your. Sometimes my fingers don't listen to my brain properly. English I do know.

BH said...

I hated people like you in college. Curve buster. Evilness. LOL.


Domino said...

Damn girl, I'm tres impressed! And even more jealous.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I am truly in the presence of greatness. I suck.