It was pretty funny the first time

I have nearly 2 years worth of blog entries that are languishing over at MSN Spaces. Some of my work was truly inspiring! Heartbreaking! Passionate! Others...not so much. But I thought I'd blow the dust of and share some of my favorite Spaces moments anyway.

12 Items or Less (April 9, 2006)

I'm unloading the groceries at the checkout lane when the question comes.
"Have you pooped today?"
"What?" I look at my mother as if she's grown an additional head.
"Have you pooped today? If you go, your headache will be completely gone. It's a fact."
I'm momentarily stunned into silence.
"Well, have you?"
I look around the checkout lane. Thankfully no one is around to hear this exchange. "Well, you know mom, right now I can't quite remember if I have or not."
Note to self: Do NOT shop for Tylenol with my mother. Ever. Again.


NickBlogger said...

Did the Tylenol get rid of your headache?

t i m said...

To be fair, mothers always know best. ;)

Nooner said...

Oh, how coincidental!
I just published a blog reminiscing about my two years here on Spaces. Just like I threatened on a comment here on your blog yesterday or the day before.
Actually, you Elizabeth, reminded me in some way of how long I have been here in blogland. So, I happened to mention you on my blog today. I hope that is OK with you.
Another interesting thing when thinking back to the beginning of my blogland adventures is to think of which present-day online penpals have been in place almost as long. And I believe we "met" here online at least a year and a half ago, if not more.
I'd like to reread some ot the blogs you mentioned here. I'll have to go back and look up a few. But, today is a work day, and this Connecticut Realtor needs to get his tush in gear because I have an Open House to run in a couple hours.
You take care!


LceeL said...

You gotta love 'MOM'. They do and say the most embarrassing things - and they don't even realize it. At least when I embarrass my sons, I do it on purpose.

lceel said...

Thanks for stopping by and the encouragement. Look at the comments again - there's a link to my next project.

SAAM said...

Aren't mothers fun. And... was she right??

Nooner said...

lol at "vignettes" ... Not sure I really learned that in school .. I was always looking around me in class at the coeds .. And not paying attention to the Prof! HaHaHa.

Know what would be very kewl? That two years from now you and I are still blogger buds. We understand one another. I lost a couple of the early friends, who may still be yours ... Probably because my material was too much on the edge at one point. I kind of look at the ones I lost and think it may have been because they were in the 20's .. and couldn't grasp that mine was humor. Yet, I don't blame 'em, I guess. I hate what that popular online spaces guy did to a couple of my friends. Tried to take Online to Reality. Hurt them, by hitting on them. Hurt me by my being a male and people thinking all of us are the same. Hurt all of us by making us all wary of one another via our comments. This is "penpalville" as far as I'm concerned. Nothing more. Nothing less.

And you? I adore seeing the bugettes grow older. Tis fun to follow someone .. and the loves of their life .. as they grow and grow.


Leucantha` said...

Still funny, lady.

I think your mom and my grandmother would have a lot to talk about.

Malathionman said...

Poop always makes good blog material.

Anonymous said...

Awww... So many post! I will back to read them. xx
Zeynep Ankara

Stephanie said...

This was NOT a real exchange. Was it?

Elizabeth said...

Yes, this is truly a conversation I had with my mother. Quite a memorable one at that, I'd say. ;)

Anonymous said...

Now, you can't blame that on her being from Glasgow...

barnyardmama said...

I remember that one from the first time. I bet I left a comment on it! I have a lot of stuff over on Spaces as well. I thought some of it was pretty great when I read it, but now. . . not so much. Kind of like reading my diary from when I was fifteen. I was just so serious.

You said that seeing the beauty in the struggle can be hard. Yes it can. Luckily, I have a smiley little boy who makes the whole thing easier. Besides, really, it's his struggle--I'm just his cheerleader.

Jungle Mama said...

Very funny!! Congratulations with your move to Blogger. I am very sad to have left Spaces, but at the same time I am very happy with my new home for my writing adventures.

Patrick Truax said...

I'll wait until the office is full and chaotic and then Im going to pay your mom 5 dollars to hollar it across the floor-"Elizabeth, have you pooped today?"

The action would stop in mid bug-out calculation, the phones would stop ringing, the radio would quit crackling, and we would all wonder, "Did Elizabeth poop today?"

Heck, thats worth 10.00!

Nooner said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Elizabeth!


Domino said...

Well you know a good poop will cure all sorts of things.

Anonymous said...

ciao elizabeth! did u had a beautiful "giorno di san valentino"?(=st.valentine's day)
i miss your msn space!! umph! sobh! sigh! ufffffffffffffffffh!! well, see you soon! ciaoo! hugs www.moonstage.spaces.live.com

Beth said...

This was great...and I am so glad you put it up because I missed it the first time, I think.