Rock Appreciation 101

Note: The following is a partial transcript of a conversation between myself and my six year old daughter, Abigail, that occurred approximately thirty five minutes ago en route to Fantastic Sam's for a trimming.

"Mama, I wanted to hear that song!"

"Oh, ok. Sorry about that." I clicked the car's tuner back one station.

"Who's singing?"

"George Thorogood," I answer.

"Who's the band?"

"The Destroyers." I hear giggles in the back seat.

"Rock and roll, baby!"


NickBlogger said...

Great conversation!

LceeL said...

Got to love a little one that likes George T. and the Destroyers - even though she seems to think their name a bit humorous.

t i m said...

I've no idea who that it is, but the customary thing to say here would be she has good music taste so yeah I'll say exactly just that. :)

Diesel said...

I'm sure her tastes will improve. Maybe in a year or two she'll move up to the Doors.

Dre the Texican said...

Please tell me it was Bad to the Bone. That is my favorite song of all time, and my 2 year old DD jams to it.