Hello, World!

To those folks peeking in from
Sevilla, Andalucia
Bhubaneswar, Orissa
Klang, Selangor
Makati, Rizal
Bayreuth, Bayern
Druten, Gelderland
Dublin, Dublin
Johannesburg, Gauteng
Lublin, Lubelskie
Gold Coast, Queensland
Lyon, Rhone-Alpes
Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal
Maarianhamina, Åland...

Welcome! How's the chocolate in your part of the world? ;)

And to my other worldly regulars
London, Ontario
Istanbul, Istanbul
Seriate, Lombardia
thanks for enriching my world!

I love my Feedjit.


Zeynep Ankara said...

Hımmm... No chocolate anymore, lol. About your comment; how can I stay away from robo-monkeys always Elizabeth?! Enjoy your weekend. Hugz, Zeynep xx

Anonymous said...

When I first saw your title, I immediately thought, "wow, she posted a pic of herself." Then again, I saw you years ago on your Mum's blog...

:o) Just let me believe I'm that special.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... where Canada??
I think I'm gonna go pout now.
And we have GREAT chocolate here.



Anonymous said...

awwhhh.... now I feel better..
And you want chocolate - Canadian chocolate? I need an addy gf!

'Cuz this girl ain't about to shuddup!


Patty O said...

Hey, uhh, I don't see a flag for New Hampshire on there. C'mon now. We count too.

Patty O said...

The reporting's been okay. I fell behind a little bit for a few weeks, but I'm getting back on top of things.

Anonymous said...

thanx for be here at u!

sigh,i'm the last in the list! sigh sigh! :((

hugs ;))