I've been maimed!

The weapon.

The staple.
(OK, it's not the actual staple...but it looks just like it!)

The offended digit.

My only regret is that I was unable to photograph my injury just after it happened a la Ryan McGeeney.

(If you're wondering who actually did the stapling... um, that would be me. And that, unfortunately, rules out Workers Compensation.)


Anonymous said...

ooh poor puppy you!
why you were so distracted?!
here we say that when a person is distracted is because is in love!lucky your husband!!!!

have a fantastic day!!

i love yours and mine blog: it's like a "kind" of bridget jones's diary!very funny!we can published and makes money by books and why don't a movie?!!ahahaha!!!;))

sorry, i this morning i say many stupid things...:)
i'm happy,i don't know why,that's good, also if i don't see my boyfriend from 3 days..maybe is it for this?!noooooo!!!when i'll see him this night i make him K.O.!KNOW OUT!!and i know how!sorry,sorry,sorry! ciao


Bird said...

After I had some high school juniors staple themselves "because it was cool," I had to make a rule that you cuoldnt' staple yourself. Who knew I'd need that kind of rule?

Anonymous said...

Ugh! Done that before... I think we need to drink copious amounts of Tequila to numb the pain.

You in?


Mrs. F said...

Aw jeez. That sucks. I am glad you documented it though, it made for a good laugh. *Sorry*

I have not done that to myself in probably 15 years, but I am sure it rivals this


Nooner said...

Hi Elizabeth!

Loved, loved, loved your "very clinical" comment of "Thirty minutes a day, most days of the week is what's generally recommended. ;)"


I'm appreciative of your readership, in spite of my subject matter (ahem), and of course enjoy your toutings!

Isn't this a perfect blog with pics! All of us have zapped a staple into us at some point, haven't we? I have! And we now know you have :-)

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

ok, how can I get me one of these?

L-Beth said...

I did get caught up with your blogs and enjoyed each and every one of them. Hope you and your dear ones, including the pillow and blanket hog, have a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend!