Impromtu fashion show

Sometimes inspiration can come from the most unlikely places.
The other day I was inspired to stop Abby's incessant whining while shopping in Target. Rather than commit some atrocious act in the middle of a public venue ("I love my child, I love my child...") I spotted a display of colorful hats in Accessories and popped one on her head. She thought that was the coolest thing! I remembered that I had my camera in my purse and VoilĂ ! Instant fashion show! And that meant no more whining. Woot Woot!
Disclaimer: I have no idea where she learned these poses. Really.

*I love the look on this gal's face as she walks by us!


Mrs. F said...

OMG she is freakishly adorable. Very sassy.

Look at the lady behind her in picture number 5. Haha. Maybe you caught her off guard?

Zeynep Ankara said...

I like the fashion show, lol... xx

Anonymous said...

i love these child,i love these child!!!

naomi,cindy,cluadia(the most "TOP"model of the century-campbell,crawford,shiffer)..be in guard!! these girls got a future!!!

LceeL said...

Oh my. Oh my, oh my, oh my. There is a bit of a scamp in that young lady. And she feels WAY too good in clothes for show! Goddess, I am glad we had boys.

emily said...

she needs to do that professionally!

Leucantha said...

Looks like you figured out how to spell relief. :) What a cutie.

Anonymous said...

I'm a total fan of the wide brim hats... and she looks adorable in them!!

Work it baby... work it!

Sidewalks said...

America's Next Top Model discovered at Target! Good for you for finding a way to get her to stop whining (although she'll probably want to do this every time you goto Target from now on.)

Anonymous said...

i see in your space the "feedjit":wonderful! i put in my blog too! thanx for this "advice"!
i hope that it works!! i'm use an old MAC at work and sometimes it makes me some jokes !!!
at home i've got a pc WINDOWS MICROSOFT and it's much easy for "play" in the net!!!
here in europe microsoft is a lot in use respect to "apple"(but i think that apple it's much better!!!specially for intense activities of graphic art that i do at work!)
well, sorry for this little interference!!! i'm at work and i'm making a break!!also if i'm here from just 1 and half hour ago...here now are 10,30 am!!:)))

now i take a coffe and then i can start to work!!!the"boss" will come here at 11,00am!!!

ciao bella, a big greet and hugs..have a nice day!!



Zeynep Ankara said...

Hope you are having a good day xx

Mama All-Star said...

totally wonderful!! what a photographic little bug she is!!! =)

Nooner said...

Abby sure has the fashion moves and mannerisms! Cute.