It's come to this

I must now resort to hiding my pillow. I realize that this is a drastic measure but it really is necessary.

My husband is a bona fide Pillow Hog. The man will grab every pillow in a ten foot radius and wrap and fold himself and the pillows into unimagined forms. Extracting my pillow has become a dangerous task, one that sometimes requires back up. I've used the number for the local S.W.A.T team at least twice. I'll spare you the gory details.

From this day forth my pillow will be kept in my closet, next to my jeans, above my workout clothes and below my sleeveless shirts. I appreciate the enormity of this move and respect it's impending consequences but I have my limits.

Maybe someday I can bring myself to tell you about the blankets. *shudders*


Mrs. F said...

I promise not to tell your husband where your pillow is. Girl scout promise.

Anonymous said...

oh no!but now your husband knows where u hide ur pillow..i hope that he doesn't read ur blog!!!
goodnight sweet eliz. i image that where u live now is latenight..here are 10 am.and this morning the sun is hide 'cause it's raining..does the sun stayed in ur closet near ur pillow?..

have a fantastic weekend
(=buon fine settimana)
ciao ciao


Anonymous said...

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Jungle Mama said...

LOL My own husband is not allowed within touching distance of my pillow. He often tries to persuade me that my pillow is actually his, but the only reason I know whose is whose is from the ever present yellow stains from his sweaty male head. No way my pillow is going to get those things!

Nooner said...

I know how he feels, Elizabeth. And I understand your dilemma. Pillows are my friends.


White Hot Magik said...

Does that mean you have to sleep in the closet too? I assume he is a thief in the middle of the night. My husband still trys to maintain his innocence from when he stole "his" pillow out from right under my head.

Malathionman said...

It is bad enough that you probably take all the room in the closet with your cloths, now you take up more room with "YOOUUURRRR" pillow.

LceeL said...

I hope he doesn't read you blog - 'cause then he's gonna know. And that means reduced flirting. 'Cause we don't want to piss him off, now do we. Anyway, I do the same thing he does. Not on purpose. In my sleep. So now I have this real long 'body pillow' (6 ft long pillow), which is more than enough pillow for ANYBODY and Annie and I each have our own blanket(s). Of course, we have the largest frigging bed in the world (like we could play tennis) so separate blankets works just fine.

Anonymous said...

So here is where you hang your hat now..hmmm likey very mucho!! I agree the end of BONES was too bad and the end of HOUSE was worse.. WHAT's up with all this stuff?? I hate bad endings.. as for the pillow hog.. at least he leaves some of the blanket.. or does he?? Take care : )dee

Bird said...

It totally have to hide cookies from my husband--he does not know when to stop. Seriously.