When fashion and work collide

Ok. So I buy a new top. Sorta looks like this. Wear it to work. The whispering starts. I arch an eyebrow. I have a feeling I know what "they" are saying but I try to coax it out of them, wanting them to confirm my suspicions. One of guys holds up a note for the other side of the room and everyone giggles. I rush over and wrestle it out of his hands.
"It looks like a preggo shirt", it reads.
It's a peasant shirt, for the love of Pete! Peasant! Not maternity!
"For the record", I announce to the room, "I am NOT pregnant."
These people have no fashion sense!
All right, so it IS a bit poofy in the front... but not maternity poofy!
But I bet that if I wore it to the grocery store I might be able to score one of those New or Expecting Mom's parking spots.
Ah, man.


Mrs. F said...

Wear your shirt to Baskin Robbins on May 21st...It is Bump Day or something and all preggos get a free scoop.


LceeL said...

Wear your shirt in front of the camera so we can see. Please?

Leucantha said...

Don't deny it, but don't confirm it think of all the things you could get away with. LOL. Cute shirt by the way.

Anonymous said...

I love peasant shirts - they are so comfortable!!! What do they know about fashion... LOL!!! People will find anything to gossip about - so be like a duck hon... and wear that cute top. Let them gossip - obviously you're life is that much more interesting if they feel the need to discuss it!!!


Sherrie said...

I bet you look absolutely gorgeous if not as cute as a button in it!

Pffftttt to their fashion sense ~wink~

Malathionman said...

I've got one just like it and I get the same comments. That sucks.

Anonymous said...

ooooohhh!!! i wear a similar top "2 years ago" : when my boyfriend saw it once he laugh and laugh for all night long! like the stupid men of your office. resulted: I throw the top! by now for be fresh in summertime i wear low-cut top with the bra in obviousness.. can be ok so? !!!ah men!!!


Jungle Mama said...

You're so funny! But that style of shirt is all the rage over here this year too. I finally lost a bunch of weight and want to fit into something nice and form fitting, but can I find anything? No! It's all this babydoll style or peasant. Whatever . . . ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the shirt...I KNOW I would get the same comments, I just know it. I bet you wear it well though.

Stephanie said...

There was one time on the bus in Rome, Italy, when I had my fanny pack facing forward (so I could keep it away from pickpockets). But my sweater was hanging over the fanny pack. I must have looked preggers because an older lady offered me her seat. Which I promptly refused and showed her my bag. As for 16, with Daughter #1, it IS still as sweet as you remember.

Catty Ax Lady said...

Dear GOD, tell me my husband wasn't one of those snickering, boobous morons??? I mean, I know the office is full of them anyway. Oh wait, was that the day he called in sick? I can't remember anymore.

L-Beth said...

Remember that style being popular in my "hippie" days. Cool and comfortable as I remember.